Friday, December 7, 2012

Dad in Nica

 "Your dad is cool. He is just a cool guy."
That's pretty much what everyone who met my Dad had to say about him. While I was running an HIV themed pool tournament or giving the pre-test counseling for HIV tests, he was just wandering around, chatting with people. While I was in my close of service training in Granada, he was exploring Volcan Mombacho making new friends with people from all over the world.
But don't worry; we had lots of time to hang out together and for him to really get to know "my Corinto". We went to the beach and ate fish with its head and eyeballs still on. He walked the beach looking for shells and other gadgets. One cockroach came out while we were staying at my house, but he did get to see multiple lizards and ants. I think he was impressed by the work that we're doing here; the HIV events and testing and all of the relationships that I've made.It's just such an amazing thing to be able to introduce our families here in

It's just such an amazing thing to be able to present your family from home to your family here in Nicaragua. My Dad got to meet my host family in Corinto, everyone I work with from Peace Corps and local Nicas and he got to meet my host family from training in Masatepe. He got to experience the Nicaraguan buses, the pedicabs of Corinto and the mototaxis of Masatepe. 

I honestly could not have asked for a better trip. My Dad got to see exactly how I live here, while mixing in a lot of relaxation, beautiful views and a couple of spa treatments. It's going to be extremely difficult to say goodbye tomorrow, but we'll be seeing each other in 6 months. I will be looking forward to that.

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